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Our Services

  • Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

  • Hardwood Floor Installation

  • Hardwood Floor Repairs

  • Boat Wood Refinishing

  • Wood Furniture Refinishing

  • Custom Staining

Is your item not listed here? Is it made of real wood? Let's chat.

Our Products

Our Products

We want to leave you with protection that will last which is why we use high quality products. We have experienced that if you pay for quality from the beginning you will pay less for maintenance and upkeep in the future. 

Interior Wood: Bona Products. Bona has been around since 1919 and strives for quality while impacting our bodies and environment as little as possible. To learn more about their commitment to Our Shared Environment click here.

Exterior Wood: Signature Finish. We use the Honey Teak system which provides long lasting UV protection and if caught early enough can be easily repaired without needing to take the entire piece down to bare wood once again. We recommend checking your boat wood for needed repairs each year and to schedule a maintenance coat every 3 years to extend the life of your wood. 

Meet Your Contractor

Meet Your Contractor


Tessah has been in the industry since 2017 and is a certified sanding and finishing specialist. You may recognize her from her time working at Coco's Bakery in Washburn, her role in setting up seed libraries across northern WI through Seed Savers Alliance, or just out and about in the Chequamegon Bay community. She's looking forward to helping you transform your wood products into something you will love.

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